Street Address

Päiväkoti Petra
Yliopettajankatu 6 Järvenpää 04400
045 134 1670 petra at laskutus at Webmail Wilma
Kindergarten director Outi Hyppönen 045 134 1671

The joint office for school and kindergarten is open on school days from 9am to 14pm.

Sonni Greyn aukio 1 Järvenpää 04400
09 2587 6050

Kindergarten closed in July.

Children´s thoughts about preschool and kindergarten

"This is a nice place and here you get cute friends!"

"It is fun to be here, because here you can play, sleep and build with dublos"

"Here we celebrate birthdays"

"Here we play music"

"It is fun to be with friends"

"And here are fun adults:))"

Photo Gallery

Sandpit is always popular

Future goldminers

Let’s play!


Gymnastics is always fun

Morning circle

Here we are